Our Hearts Revealed 

"gorgeous offerings like single “Easy to Leave.” The track casts a spell familiar to classic folk offerings from a different era, while also channeling contemporaries such as Angel Olsen and Sharon Van Etten."

"a rousing and emotive bite that hits you straight in the heart, tried and true."

- We All Want Someone to Shout For

raw and soulful, crafted with a nostalgic warm feel, built on a wide low-end cushion and succulent guitar flavor.

- Glide Magazine

“Inside Joke,” is a powerful and poignant, indie rock song that showcases the band’s musicianship and thoughtful songwriting"

‘“Inside Joke” is a powerful and unflinching exploration of female frustration and trauma.”

- UpToHear Music

“‘Inside Joke’ is at once old and new, innocent and worldly wise and with the strings lighting up the backdrop it felt like the alchemy we needed”

- MP3 Hugger

"like you are watching a key scene in a dramatic movie"

Pop Passion

About "Inside Joke"

About "Linda"

“Sincere, sentimental and honest, The Kantors have a rawness to their music that will stick with you for days to come.”

“‘Linda’ is a swirling combination of dreamy ambience, kaleidoscopic instrumentation, rich vocals and an overall intense intimacy.”

- The Other Side Reviews

“The dreamy and intriguing interlacement of the warm instrumental lines almost melts in your ears.”

- Tonic Grain

“Their sound hovers the Midwest and soars through the rest of the musical world.”

- Obscure Sounds